Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Celebrating the Return of the Crawfish

Ugly little suckers, these crawfish, but so-o-o damn good.  Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, écrevisses, they are crustaceans like their lobster cousins, only fresh water in origin.  They resemble some oversized, creepy-crawly bug, but that only keeps away the crawfish newbies and leaves more for me. Bad looking, good tasting.  Boil 'em up with lots of cayenne papper and a potato or two, and they make a sublime feast.

One of the best things about living in Florida is that it is so close to Louisiana, where almost all the crawfish in the western world call home.  Better yet, The Cajun Cafe on the Bayou has jumped in early in the season and is boiling 'em up even as I sit here typing.  Just thinking about them makes my mouth water.  In fact, I think I'll , , ,

See ya!


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