Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding My Way Into the Blogosphere

I am now officially part of the blogosphere.  I write this crap into my computer and people somewhere read it. I think.  Who ever knows?  All I can do is proofread and hope for the best.

Oh, but I have a gadget on my computer that you can't see that tells me how many people look at my blog.  I won't tell you what it says because I'm not altogether sure what it means.  It has graphs and hieroglyphics (thank God for spellcheck) and it says that 20 or 100 (on a VERY good day) of you see this every day.  Or maybe it's 3.

Anyway, I want to credit a guy in - I don't know - China, St. Louis, Milano - who writes a blog called Blogger Tips and Tricks   From now on, thanks to this great blog, every time you type anything at all into Google, my blog will pop up.  I have co-opted all the interesting Google targets in the universe.  If not, it's Peter Chen's fault.


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