Saturday, January 8, 2011

Half-Formed Thoughts, Randomly Presented

Mostly, I want to post something new here so anyone who visits will not have to decide whether Looking at my Groin was such a good idea.  But my other ideas are a little scattered, so don't expect much.

I am concerned that Starbucks has dropped both its name and its product from its logo.  All we have now is a stylized green mermaid on a paper cup made of 72% recycled something.  Watch for the sign of a green mermaid and stop into the shop formerly known as Starbucks for a beverage formerly known as coffee.

Speaking of Seattle, I see that Seattle now has a roving superhero who foils car thieves and wears a plastic suit with breastplate and codpiece.  The superhero is also nameless:  the superhero formerly known as Angelo Wilson, CPA. Tampa needs someone like this, so I am shopping for a codpiece.

My groin feels much better, by the way.  I am now addicted to narcotic pain killers and Lunesta, but if I drink enough beer, I do not mind these things too much.

Sad to see all those birds in Arkansas and Louisiana who died in mid-flight.  The conspiracy theorists are having a field day.  Only I know the truth:  the poor bastards just learned the recent election results and died of embarrassment.

I formally retired on December 31 and got my final paycheck a few days later. (More on this another time; I'm still trying to catch my breath.)  Anyway, the folks in Hartford shut down my email link except for the application that reports spam.

I had coffee with my 90-year-old father-in-law today.  He was embarrassed because when he ironed his pants he put in a double crease.  I didn't know what to say to this news, but I sort of wished I had shaved this morning.

Today would have been my sweet dad's 88th birthday if only medical science had gotten its act together 37 years earlier.


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  1. Congrats on your retirement! Hopefully the only double creases your father-in-law has are in his pants. Do people iron anymore?

    Happy Birthday to your Dad, who, as you know, is celebrating in style, in another dimension.