Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All-Purpose Felicitations

A curious convergence of happy events swirls around my family on September 13-14 each year.  So, to save a few bucks on cards and postage, let me just say

Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Ray!

Amy!  Hi and Happy Birthday from Uncle Newt and Aunt Judy!

Happy Anniversary, Kathy & Bob!

Happy Birthday, Steve.  Enjoy 58 while you can - 60 is looming.

And finally,

Donna and Terry.  Happiest Anniversary!

With love from your father, son, uncle, and older brother (times 3),



  1. I don't know what it is about our family and that couple of days...must be a Newton thing..
    Thanks, Dad

  2. This is great! Congratulations to all of you from one of Ev's fans.

    This is a great idea. The price of greeting cards is outa sight. I started making my own except for one instance this week. The card I purchased is for a dear friend. It cost me $4.95. Now, I'm not cheap, and my girlfriend is like a favorite sister, but that's a lotta dough for a card.

    Anyway, Ev, I commend your thoughtfulness along with your resourcefulness. Have a super week.

  3. We have a flurry of September birthdays in our family also, including mine on September 23rd; the first day of Autumn and my very favorite time of the year (already have my Fall wreath hanging on the front door).

    Happy Birthday to all the Newt family.