Monday, April 16, 2012

Driving for Jesus

Once in a while something comes along that profoundly improves one's understanding of the human condition.  Take religion, for instance.  Some go to church and do good works.  I get that.  I have a daughter and granddaughter on their way in July to equatorial Africa to build a church for some friends' families.  Africa in the summer?  Sure - temperatures run cooler than in Connecticut and WAY cooler than Tampa Bay.

There is another side of religious joy that words cannot convey.  Behold the Jesus Truck:



  1. I believe this vehicle is on it's way to heaven. Glory Alleluia!

  2. Makes one wonder, doesn't it? I think the paint is peeling and they're just trying to cover it up using the Jesus theme...

  3. All this guy needs if a Jesus on that cross. get into the car pool lane I mean.

    Yes, I can practically hear the conversation now:

    John’s Boss: “John, I’ve noticed you haven’t been late for work in weeks.”

    John: “Yes, I’m sorry about before. I know my attendance was a problem.”

    John’s Boss: “Well you’ve become a model employee lately. I can’t help but ask, how did you make such a remarkable improvement?”

    John: “I found Jesus.”

    John’s Boss: “Man, if that’s all it takes, I wish everyone around here would find Jesus.”

    John: “Well that’s not really possible Boss.”

    John’s Boss: “What do you mean John? You found him.”

    John: “Yeah, but there’s only one, and I’ve got him tied up in the back of my truck.”

    1. Randy, it's heathens like you that made the Crusades so necessary and so much fun.

  4. You could be in a heap of trouble, Randy. There's a bit of porn on Horse Pucky you've been spreadin', now you're testing the Big Kahuna. Don't be goin' out in any thunderstorms.

  5. Hey, Newt, I like the new look. Looks like the Lake Worth pier in Lake Worth, Florida over there on the east coast.

    As for your picture, you look like a naughty, impish version of Ernest Hemingway.

  6. That's a picture I took of Pier 60 that pokes out into the Gulf from Clearwater Beach.

    "Naughty" and "Hemingway" are redundant, but thanks, I guess.

  7. Nice pictures of Pier 60 and you.

  8. No, no, no. You're naughty is a nice way, Ernie was naughty in a naughty way. Or something like that.

    Have a great weekend.