Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Caulked-Up Lanai

In response to popular demand (OK, one guy with questionable judgment), I am pleased to present the long-promised photos of my completed lanai ("luh-NYE," rhymes with - uh -  nothing, really).  The caulking adventure took place about 30 inches above the painting on the wall.  Here's the view looking west:

And east:

And a detail shot of the dining area:

Yes, those are little ceramic birdies on the chairs.  And a hard-to-photograph shot of Judy's neon flamingo:

The neighbors are especially fond of that last one.

And the caulking job?  Well, the roof still leaks, but only during tornadoes.



  1. LOVE the ceramic birdies on the chairs. The neon pink flamingo, not so much (sorry Judith). I think it's a Florida-thing. I do, however, love the cheap plastic flamingos sold at the Orchard Supply Hardware store.

    Nice job on the lanai. Let's hope for no tornadoes.

  2. Hi Cissy

    Not a Florida thing so much as a Judy thing. Most of her collection (I know, I know...) is less - um - assertive than the neon.

    The tornado ripped through about 3 weeks ago, touching down 100 yards away. Took out some trees and a couple of roofs (not mine). Tornadoes, as you know, are fatally attracted to trailer parks, which is why trailer parks now cluster under an assumed name: "mobile home communities.'

  3. I LOVE the neon flamingo! It's something I can have a lot of fun with.

    Friends of ours put 50 pink flamingo statues in a neighbor's yard to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. If only I had that neon sign!

  4. OK, so we've established that you're a tacky-flamingo girl, while itsmecissy favors those classy ceramic birdies. A psychologist could have a field day with this.

    There are lots of places to order the neon birds on-line. $50 is a good price for the 17-inch connoisseur's model.